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Sea Wolves Crew membership winter 21/22


Join captain Flo’s salty crew of sailors on SV The Spirit of Amsterdam, for the Feb/March/April 2022 Sailing adventures

The Sea Wolves will hit the water in the sun, but also in strong winds, rain and storms. Basically we only cancel in case of no wind or freezing water.

How does it work?

1: Once you sign up, you get added to the closed Whatsapp group.
2: Captain Flo announces sailing options, sometimes a week or more in advance, sometimes very spontaneously if a weather opportunity presents itself.
3: You can join any event (first check-in, first-serve bases), with no limit to the amount of times you sail along.
4: Most will be day-sails, but there will also be some multi-day trip options. There is sailing every saturday, but sometimes you can also on week days or special trips.
5: departures from Amsterdam Marina, but likely also: Volendam and Scheveningen.
6: catering is not included.
7: There is a max of 12 crew memberships per month.

If you require more info please send an email to: contact@seawolvestv.com

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