Never a dull moment in the Vendee Globe 2020 around the word race. Today we got the sad news that Corum, Nicolas Troussel has dismasted of the coast of the islands, at this moment it is unsure exactly what the state of his ship is. The one thing we do know is that Nicolas is not injured himself. Meanwhile Alex Thomson and Jean are still in the lead, although the rest of the foiling fleet is fast catching up to the legendary Frenchman. Alex Thomson however seems to strengthening his lead with every moment, sailing in good breeze and with at least a day or perhaps two of somilar conditions ahead, The Brit is in a very fortunate position, but the doldrums are ahead!! Since many of you asked, In this episode I will take some time to explain about the basics of types of sails and where the attach to the boats. Thank you all again for you support! Please like, comments and share the videos far and wide. And if you have a buck to spare, please consider becoming a backer and help us emprove the quality of our videos. More at #Vendeeglobe2020 #Seawolves