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Partnerships & Sponsoring with Sea Wolves TV

If you are the owner of a spark of imagination which you feel, must be shared, please make your way to the front of the que and say your bid. You may present your spark in direct form, or any you see fit, the fastest historically is the one transformed
into electric message and send via the spiderverse to Contact@seawolvesTV.com

Below an overview of our standardized sponsor packages and pricing:

Sponsor package one (Bronze level) Affordable
Sponser package two (silver level) Steep, but worth it!.
Sponsor package three (gold standard) Not for the fainthearted
Sponsor package four (gold deluxe) By request only
Sponsor package Five (gold deluxe extra (If your not a Saudi prince, you can’t afford it)
Sponsor package Six (Diamond level) Only my wife knows the price to this one
Sponsor package seven (Code: Point Nemo) You can’t afford this.