Link for booking the new clinics on V65 Childhood

Can you feel the adventure coming? The salty tinge on the air? The sweet rush of the water flowing past the hull, Lines howling in the wind? You know what we are talking about. FINALLY, the next adventure race is almost hear! And the countdown has started! The Round Europe race, organized by the Ocean Race, is starting its Prologue in exactly 30 days, so it’s time to take a first look at the magazines that will be, the first ever race to feature both V65 and crewed IMOCA’s facing off over the same route.

Are you Ready?!

Also BOOKING is NOW open again for the Sea Wolves Childhood extra Offshore and Coastal Clinics in August and September! Link to booking here (coming during live premiere) And Join Florian for the second splash of the week, when he put’s his own boat back into the Blue ans brings her home trough some serious squals!

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