The vendee globe 2020 is underway, with most of the skippers starting the race at a steady pace, not risking pushing the boat or breaking anything early. WE did see Louis Burton on Bureau VallĂ©e 2 make a bit of a false start, and also Linked out ran into a small problem with their main sail. In the analysis I will talk about the different starting strategies of the skippers, considering their sail plans and course choices. And we are going to dive deeply into the weather for the upcoming 24/36 hours. To say it is going to be both a mental and physical challenge for the skippers would be a vast understatement, as they are headed for a serious low pressure system as they exit the Bay of Biscay, followed by an unusually complex weather system full of traps and dangerous seas. We will discuss all of this in the video and lay out some likely courses for our sailing hero’s and heroin’s to consider.