The Sea Wolves couldn’t be more excited, with the start of the EPIC Vendee Globe around the world race about to take place. The Spirit of Amsterdam witnessed the legendary Finish of the Volvo Ocean Race live in The Hague in 2018 and we are looking forward to spending some 10 weeks along with all the sailors, cheering on the new Imoca Hero’s around the world. In this vid Sea Wolf Flo is giving some of he’s perspectives and insights into the upcoming race. SkippHoping it will add to your fun, as there is not a lot of English video content available (since it is a French lead race) we thought it might be welcome to provide some extra English commentary. So let us know in the comments what type of content you would like along the Vendee and we will do our best to regular weekend updates as the race starts and progresses.… (Sam Davis)… (Alex Thomson)… (Pip Hare)