Today in the Vendee Globe 2020 race, the Sea Wolves soak up the wisdom of a true old salt! The only Dutchman ever to have Finished the Vendee Glove race in his IMOCA “No way Back”. Pieter’s story is unique because he didn’t just finish, he broke just about every convention to get himself into this dream race. A late entry, no significant experience with IMOCA sailing and no Dutch previous finishers to learn from, his story is one of stepping into the dark, and fighting for every single mile. And he made it, but not without his share of battles, both on and off the water. In this very open interview Pieter talks at length about what it takes, and what it means, to take part in this great and dangerous adventure. Special thanks to all our subscribers and Backers/patrons for your support, with your support, this is the type of content that we can aspire to make. In studio, with real quality on every front. So if you lobe this interview, please consider sharing a couple of bucks with the Sea Wolves so we can keep planning and making this type of fun, insightful inquiry into the world of sailing and sailing technology. Also in this one. Update on Vendee Globe today and Jules Verne race!