It’s another day full of twists and turns both in the Vendee Globe 2020, and also in the Jules Verne Trophee. In the Vendee Globe we see Charlie Dalin and Linked out pass the worst of the storm in great shape, and now facing relatively lighter winds for a day or two, while in the middle of the fleet, Armel Tripon is taking no prisoners! Consistently outpacing everyone around him, Armel seems to have hit a stride, which finds him hot on the heals of the front pack and a place in the top 10 of the race. Will he be able to keep pushing this hard?! Also, we talk to Sam Davis about her choice to fix her damaged keel and (amazingly) KEEP RACING! Even though she is injured from her run in with a UFO, and is officially no longer in the race, Her heart speaks and she is determined to push on, fighting for her cause! Risking it all, going onto the Southern ocean alone, and likely quite a way behind the entire fleet! That is the heart of a true sailor, a true Sea Wolf! So we are breaking out our secret weapon again! Join us in helping Sam a hand, Hit the link on top of the description, like her video and put SEA WOLF! in the description + any encouragement you wish :). In the Jules Verne the tension is rising to an absolute boiling point! With now mere hours left ahead of the record, the team on board Sodebo cannot afford to lose any more miles! We will discuss it all, With Coffee! Please like and subscribe, hit the bell icon to make sure you get our daily updates! If you can spare a few bucks to help us develop our content and up the quality of the show, please visit the website and get yourself a stunning hoodie or coffee mug! Or join as a patron or backer. It really helps the show move forward. Thank you!