The Time is almost here! The 36th America’s cup race is about to enter it’s early precursor races, so it’s high time we spend some of our attention on the stunning history and story of the America’s cup, in order to enjoy the upcoming races to their fullest, so we will discuss all of it: The Royal Yacht Squadron, The 100 pound cup, the Deed of Gift and all those other Must-know details about the history of the America’s cup that you might not know about yet. It’s quite the story, so make sure you have a good drink ready :). Also, The Vendee globe 2020 and Jules verne Trophee deserve an update today, but for the Jules Vernes fans there is bad news I’m afraid!! In the Vendee Globe 2020 everything seems to be going smoothly accept for some minor daily challenges, most notable Armel Tripon seems to be continuing his super speed for another 48 hours or so, making another almost 200 miles on the leaders!! Will he be able to get in amongst the leaders? In the Backof the fleet, Charal is prooving to all of us, why Jeremy was the favorite for this race from the start. Finally gaining two places in a single day, making his way back into the fleet with a bang! We will discuss it all, with…. a drink 🙂 Please like and subscribe, hit the bell icon to make sure you get our daily updates! If you can spare a few bucks to help us develop our content and up the quality of the show, please visit the website and get yourself a stunning hoodie or coffee mug! Or join as a patron or backer. It really helps the show move forward. Thank you! Trailer American Magic – Trailer Luna Rossa: Trailer Team INeos UK: Trailer Team New Zealand: (Defender)