Just when we expected some lighter condition for a few days, the Vendee Globe 2020 surprises us again, with a Unidentified floating object hitting Charlie Dalin’s Apivia in one of the foils, damaging it to such a degree that Charlie was forced to sport the boat and assess the damage together with his team. What we know so far! Amazingly, we see many of the sailors very close together now as they round the corner of the ice line and sail further south. Boris Herman’s shows us the situation with he’s Hydro (as discussed yesterday) and he shows us just how close the boats are together. In the Back of the fleet Charal and Pip are running into unexpected good and bad weather! we will discuss it all, with Coffee! Special thanks to all our subscribers and Backers/patrons for your support, with your support, this is the type of content that we can aspire to make. please consider sharing a couple of bucks with the Sea Wolves so we can keep planning and making this type of fun, insightful inquiry into the world of sailing and sailing technology. more at http://www.seawolvestv.com