Ahoy Sea Wolves! It’s been a fast and trying first 48 hours in the IMOCA class of the #Transatjacquesvabre .With plenty of damages (big and small) and many small battles over the first 5 places at the head the race, but Charal (Jeremie Beyou & Frank Cammas) have been proving their skills in a tour the force of small tactical and navigational victories pushing the amazing new Imoca to the first place time and time again, with Thomas Ruyant and Sam Davis and also Arkea right on their heels, but team Charal is keeping the nerves cool and have shown an incredibly strong first 48 hours of sailing.

But the wall is approaching fast! The azores High has spread her wings across the entire atlantic, with now clear or advantages path through, the next phase of the race is going to require not only a lot of skill and patience, but als a grande dose of luck! Lady fortune demands her say in this great race, and over the next 24 to 48 hours, she will have her way!

Meanwhile, the lead in the ultimes class has changed again with Banque populaire regaining the lead, but the doll-drums have expanded greatly in the last few days and it looks like on the way back up, the skippers might be in for a similar fate, which will be dictated just as much by lady fortune as the fate of the Imoca and Class 40.

The class is seing a strong performance by leader solidaires and peloton with a consistent lead, and having made their way now through the Azores high, the road seems open for a win if the team can continue their strong performance!

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Daily update for the race at 19:00 (ish EST).


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