Ahoyyy Sea Wolves! The #Transatjacquesvabre #Imoca start was a spectacular preview of the #Vendeeglobe2024 race start. With most of the fleet as it will be about a year from now. Right from the get-go Favourites Charal & For the people fought their way through to the front of the pack and started running away from the rest of the fleet. Only to be caught up again as the tack battle along the coast, towards the exit out of the English channel began. With both Charal and For the people hotting amazing speeds in this full up-wind battle fought in large rolling waves close to the coast.

Meanwhile on board Bureau Vallley and Medalia their is less course for joy as both boats incurred a 5 hour penalty due to an error during the start. (more explenation in the show).

While all this is going on, an luming problem is arising across the Atlantic, forcing the entire Imoca fleet to likely take quite an anusual course towards the finish line. (more in the show)!

The Class 40 fleet has made its way across Biscay, with some of the boats getting caught in the low wind zone of the low, while the rest has made great speed in the storm.

The Ultimes battle far below the equator now is getting very interesting as well, with a very possible lead change coming up in the next 20 hours or so.

The Ocean fifties also have their own tactical navigation challange coming up, as a band of high pressures is about to barr access to the lower atlantic of the cost of Spain!

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Daily update for the race at 19:00 (ish EST).


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