Ahoy Sea Wolves! While in the Ultime class Banque populaire and SVR Lazartique are celebrating their 1st and second places, the battle for the Imoca class rages on in the lower and higher atlantic ocean. With more southern group now passing the canary islands and entering the strong trade winds which will sail them smoothly and quickly to Martinique, the more northwestern group is closer to the finish line, but their win is in no way guaranteed. With a powerful new low developing to the west of them, the navigational path to victory is possible, but it’s going to require a lot if skill and some help by lady fortune as well, to execute this bold stratagem.
We’ll discuss in depth the difficult combination of positioning and luck the skippers on: teamwork.net, group dubreuil, medalia and others will need to pull it off.

Meanwhile the class 40 are also passing the canaries and are contemplating a similar route choice. Will they stay more higher up and see if the new low can provide some extra umpf, or take the safer path more to the south and the steady trade winds?!

The Ocean 50’s have been on a fine run now, with Solidares an peloton still firmly in the lead, although the two boats behind them do look to be closing in slowly. Is a battle for the leadership perhaps still in the cards?

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Daily update for the race at 19:00 (ish EST).


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