Take a moment. Sit down. Get Comfy! Make sure you have a cup of coffee or something else delicious. Maybe a little snack at the ready. Turn your phone off! and just take a little tome to really watch this episode. This wasn’t planned at all. I quite by accident chose to film a little private (solo) sailing adventure I was doing. And while I was editing. I suddenly realized I shot a fantastic, beautiful little sailing film. I highly advise watching this on a big screen, with a good sound system. Put up the volume a bit. And get ready to step on board with me, on one of the most visually beautiful sails that I’ve ever been given in my life. The Dutch skies really delivered. Poseidon and the wind gods were all on my side for this ride. And man! what a fun ride it turned into at the end!


Sailing film trailer

For background: The part of the North sea that I’m sailing in this video, and especially the Dutch Tidel (wadden) Sea are some of most treacherous and notorious sea’s in the world, and some of the hardest to navigate. With boats getting grounded almost every day, despite modern GPS navigation.

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