Ahoy Sea Wolves,

With a photo finish Ruyant and Lagraviere prove thay are again force to teckon with, beating race favorite Charal by a good margin after they innitialy lead the race for many days. With top five places for Innitiatives ceaur and Paprex Arkea, Teamwork.net Only just missed the top 5, but still an amazing result of their bold gamble on the more Wester Course. We’ll take a look at what it all means for the prospects of the return to base and next years Vendee Globe 2024 maybe? 🙂

Meanwhile the batlle for the top 5 in class 50 is raging on, with the feelt split about three parts, each with a front-runner gunning for first place, this is going to be a real nail-biter till the end!

And Flo also has that suprise he meantioned in last episode, but couldn’t include for time!

Daily update for the race at 19:00 (ish EST).


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