Today in the Vendee Globe 2020 race, will discuss the weather and the race, but mostly we are sitting down with Will Harris co-captain of Imoca Sea Explorer Yacht club de Monaco, to discuss all things Imoca technology and more. Foils, rake angles, sails, auto pilot development, speed vs safety, behind the scenes of the technological advances, this is an interview you are not going to want to miss!!
Dashboard of Sea Explorer with all the latest boat data:…
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0:00 Intro, Coffee, Welcome on board 2:54 Three IMOCA sub-classes, new foils, Pôle Finistère course au large 5:39 Different foil shapes, cooperation and keeping secrets 12:54 Sailing on foils 15:00 Sails on Sea Explorer, finding balance while foiling 21:23 IMOCAs on Volvo Ocean Race 23:05 Finetuning while foiling 25:14 The keel can surprise you 28:34 Autopilots 33:05 UFOs, OSCAR collision avoidance 37:55 Durability, Corum’s one design mast broke 41:18 Are they holding back? 44:40 SubCTech ocean sensor onboard 48:55 Something personal from Sea Explorer 51:14 Power onboard 53:42 Alarms 56:50 Leaderboard and predictions
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