After some very trying days at the start and battling storm Tetha, Alex Thomson leads the race, with Jean Le Cam hot on his heals. The 61 your old veteran French man has show to be a force to reckon with, while Alex also has proven absolute mastery at the sails, showing restraint and precision while also performing a daring in taking an absolutely raiser close course to the core of storm Tetha in order to keep the shortest route and be in the best position to build up a real lead now. The conditions in the #VendeeGlobe2020 seem to be certainly in the favor of both of the leaders. With a steady wind prediction for the next 3 days of 15 to 30 knots in wonderfull reaching angles. The race course is opening up before them. But we all know the Vendee may seem to be lifting its skirt, there a most surely surprises waiting for us. What will happen now? Get your favorite drink ready and join the Sea Wolves for the daily analysis of the race to come!