Join the Sea Wolves for some delicious beverige and the first week of the #Vendeeglobe2020 race in review. What were some good choices and which turned out to be not so great? Who is this Jean Le Cam that seems to be beating the entire fleet at every turn. Is Alex Thombson boat having a problem or is he just taking a different strategy? Today we will take some more time to take a deeper look at some aspects of the race, and two answer many of you questions from the comments from this week. Where do the boats get enough power to keep al their systems going? How do you gibe or Tack an Imoca? Are the new boats more fragile because they ar lighter? This and many more questions like this will come across in the show today. Make sure to Like, subscribe and share with you friends! Lets get everybody sailing :)! More info and options for supporting the channel can be found on our website: