The most dangerous and infamous cape in the world is certainly living up to it’s fierce reputation as the fleet of sailors in the Vendee Globe 2020 is battered by extreme winds (up to 50 knots gusts) and a chaotic sea with breaking waves and white water. As each of the skipper chooses their course, the intense weather is taking it’s toll. With Boris Hermann the latest skipper to endure significant and unsettling damage with the ripping of his Main sail during a reefing. Meanwhile, How is Pip Hare and Isabelle and Alan dealing with their damaged keels and auto-pilots? Today we analyse the remaining 6000 or so miles left to sail in the vendee Globe 2020, and we take a look at the weather and other challenges the skippers will face on this final part of the race, which is by no means even close to over. We will discuss it all, with coffee! Join us!