In the Dark, in the mist, among the waves, a true spectacle is taking place, and today we get to see and feel some of it! Armel Tripon and Clarisse Cremer passing the Horn today, with the second group of brave skippers fast approaching the legendary Cape, the race of races honors it’s name and reputation on this third day of sailing spectacle. And what about the road ahead for the leaders? Is there a path through the weather spaghetti of the south Atlantic?! And what is Jean le Cam doing? Thank you all so much for watching and shaping the show together with me for the last months. It’s been an absolute pleasure to chat and make a connection with so many of you. Looking forward to bringing much more interesting content and activities to Sea Wolves in 2020. And to all our backers, patrons and fans, Thank you so much for you kind gifts and support. Over the next few weeks I hope to be able to show a lot more, the stuff I’ve been preparing, in order to raise the bar for Sea Wolves, with your help and support, I believe we can achieve some truly amazing and interesting videos in 2021.