Here we go! The Guyader Bermudes 1000 is here! The Imoca circuit is officially starting again, and we couldn’t be more excited. New boats, new rules, fiercer competition then ever before. With only 26 places available for qualification for the Vendeeglobe2024, the Imoca60 sailors are gearing up for a long and protracted battle against the elements and each other. All with a single goal in mind: Qualifying and finishing and perhaps even winning, the VendeeGlobe2024 race around the world. The Guyader Bermudes 1000 is the first real battle in this long fight and after the summer break, the refit of many of the ships and the addition of several radical new designs to the Imoca fleet, no one knows how the sailors are now stacking up against each other. This first race will give as a first glimpse of the times to come. Who will become the race favorite? What surprising new feats of performance await us? One thing is for sure: It will be an epic spectacle of skills and daring.

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